Playing Mr. Mom Versus Being a Dad

When my wife went back to work half-time I rearranged my schedule so that I could spend one morning a week at home with my son. My wife stayed home with our baby for the first year and we were both excited about the idea of me having more time with my son. It was a chance for me to be an even greater part of raising him, and came with the added benefit of saving us an extra day of daycare.

This week, my wife’s work schedule got shuffled and so I got to stay home for a full day. I packed my son into the car first thing in the morning and headed out to a local state park to spend the morning hiking the trails and splashing in the lake. For an hour or so, we were the only people there and I enjoyed sharing the solitude of that place with him as he explored shoreline of the lake.

Inevitably he got soaked playing in the water, and so, it was about mid morning, just as other people started to arrive at the park, that I propped him up on a nearby picnic table to change him into dry clothes. As I put on a new diaper a woman walked by and with a smile said, “Are you playing Mr. Mom today?” Continue reading


Journalism for What? A User-First Approach to the Future of News

As we debate the future of news, we need to keep in mind what this debate is really about. We need to ask ourselves, “What is it we’re trying to save, protect or foster?” Or asked another way, “Journalism for what?” Identifying what we mean by journalism and why we care about its future is central to figuring out what solutions might get us there.

The most common response to these questions is that journalism is fundamental for our democracy. It’s hard to argue with that, but how does it help guide us toward a new vision for news? Continue reading

On Kindles and Commonplace Books

Well, Amazon seems to have done well with their last update to the Kindle. Dropping the price, improving the design (slightly) and the software, and adding a Wifi only version has had an impact. After a long few months of buzz about the iPad I feel like all of a sudden people around me are talking about the Kindle again.

People are now sharing their notes and quotes on Twitter and Facebook as they read, from right inside their Kindle. Friends who hadn’t ever thought about getting an e-reader are asking me about my thoughts on the device. And after buying an iPad for his wife and playing with it a bit, my dad decided he would rather get a Kindle.

When a friend asked me today if I had a blog post somewhere outlining my thoughts on the Kindle I decided it was time to sit down and mull it over. Ironically, I have been thinking about selling my Kindle and getting an iPad, but have yet to make up my mind. So I figured I would use this post to mull it over a bit. Continue reading