Dewey on Communications and Community

“People live in a community by virtue of the things they have in common; and communication is the way in which they come to possess things in common.”

John Dewey, Democracy and Education

2 thoughts on “Dewey on Communications and Community

  1. Steve says:

    Hey, I like the posts so far. I just wanted to throw this quote out there to complement yours, as Dewey was a staunch supporter of open information and community-based reporting:

    “The two points selected by which to measure the worth of a form of social life are the extent in which the interests of a group are shared by all its members, and the fullness and freedom with which it interacts with other groups. An undesirable society, in other words, is one which internally and externally sets up barriers to free intercourse and communication of experience.”

  2. Josh says:

    Steve – great quote, and I am glad you posted because it led me back to your blog which was a great discovery. It seems we have much to discuss.

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